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The terms and conditions for a period of learning are agreed in person before lessons commence, and vary from student-to-student depending on the context of the teaching. Listed below are some general terms and conditions*:

  1. Prospective new learners are requested to attend a complimentary face-to-face meeting before any commitment to lessons is made. The purpose of this meeting acts as a confirmation session. It enables the teacher to assess your ability and suggest a suitable scheme of work that will be taught over a given period of time.

  1. The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons.

  1. Lessons that are one-to-one and are conducted from either the F#9 teaching studio or your home**.

  1. Lessons are offered either weekly or fortnightly and are only 45 or 60 min each (unless agreed otherwise). Payment is requested on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

  1. In order to maintain high standards of teaching and learning, F#9 does not offer trial lessons or lesson gift vouchers.

  1. In the event of a lesson cancellation, the teacher will make every effort to contact the student within a reasonable time frame. The teacher requests that a student gives 24 hours notice should a lesson need to be cancelled.

  1. Preferred payment methods include cash, cheque, PayPal and bank transfers.

  1. Zettle is used for all card transactions.

*The terms listed here do not all apply to students having lessons at their school.

**Dependent on distance and availability.