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The F#9 maintenance service offers highly competitive rates and workmanship that is superlative in its attention to detail.

Guitar Maintenance

The above costs apply to both 6 string electric guitars and 4 string electric basses. For guitars or basses with more strings, please include an additional 5% of the sum cost (per string) to the total.

Free Gibson plectrum with every guitar setup.

F#9 Guitar Setup Table Of Costs

  1. *Cost of strings not included in the sum total.

Service Package

What’s Involved


Bronze Package

  1. Change strings

  2. Strobe tuning

Sum total: £3 + strings

Silver Package

Sum total: £35 + strings

  1. Same as Bronze Package +

  2. Intonation setup

  3. Action setup

  4. Pickup height adjustment

  5. Fretboard clean

  6. Fretboard condition

  7. Body polish

  8. Fret polish

  9. Input jack nut tighten

  10. Machine head nut tighten

  11. Fret-buzz check

  12. Performance test

Gold Package

Sum total: £70 + strings

  1. Same as Silver Package +

  2. Machine head bearing grease

  3. Fret leveling and crowning

  4. Electronics check