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Amplifier Maintenance

For other equipment, including PA, DJ, Studio Gear, Synths and Pedals, please enquire via email. Prices will be based on an hourly rate of £65 per hour, followed by £10 for subsequent hours, and will be undertaken based on the age and availability of parts.

F#9 Amplifier Servicing Table Of Costs

Free equipment collection and return is subject to terms and condition.

Service Package

What’s Involved


Amp Servicing

  1. Pot cleaning

  2. Check valves

  3. Check inputs and outputs

  4. Check reverb tanks

  5. Tolex polish

Sum total: £70

Minor Repair

Sum total: £35 + parts

Major Repair

£65 for the first hour. £10 per subsequent hour + parts

  1. For example: Pot, jack speaker replacement

  1. Work will be undertaken based on the nature of the issue as well as the age and availability of parts

Valve Replacement & Re-Bias

£65 + cost of valves

  1. Valve replacement & re-bias